The Scout Group

How does the Scout Group work?

The Group Scout Leader manages the Group and is responsible for its support and development and the programme of activities it offers to young people.

The Group Chairman and the Group Executive Committee support the Group Scout Leader and ensure the effective administration of the Scout Group. The Group Scout Leader nominates the Group Chairman and the relationship should be one of partnership and mutual support.

The Group Executive Committee aims to make sure that the Scout Group has the facilities and resources needed to deliver good Scouting in the Group.

The leaders in the Group work with their team of adults (who perform a variety of roles) to deliver an exciting and attractive programme of activities for young people in the Group. Their work is co-ordinated through the Group Scouters’ meeting (chaired by the Group Scout Leader), which includes the Section Leaders and Assistants.

The Group Chairman works closely with the Group Scout Leader and together they ensure the successful running of the Scout Group.

Who are members of the Group Executive Committee?


These sit on the committee because of their appointment. If they resign the role they cease being an Executive Committee member and a trustee.

  • The Group Chairman – Currently Vacant
  • The Group Secretary
  • The Group Treasurer
  • The Group Scout Leader
  • The Assistant Group Scout Leader


  • Persons nominated by the Group Scout Leader and approved at the Group’s Annual General Meeting (Note: nominated members are not required to be members of the Group Scout Council before nomination, but may well be).
  • The number of nominated members must not exceed the number of elected members.


  • Persons elected from the Group Scout Council at the Group’s Annual General Meeting.


  • Are chosen annually by the Group Executive Committee for their skills to be on the Committee.
  • The number of co-opted members must not exceed the number of elected members.
  • Other people who the Group Executive believes are suitable for a specific function are ‘co-opted’ on to the Group Executive Committee.

Ideally, between the nominated members, elected members and co-opted members, the Group Executive Committee should include a parent of at least one Member of each of the sections in the Group.

Why do we need a Group Executive Committee?

The Group Executive Committee exists to support the Group Scout Leader and ensure the effective administration of the Scout Group. It is responsible for:

  • maintenance of the Group’s property and equipment
  • raising of funds and the administration of the Group’s finance
  • insurance of persons, property and equipment
  • group public occasions – and ensuring the Group is well regarded in public
  • assisting with the recruitment of leaders and other adult support
  • establish any sub-Committees which may be required
  • the appointment of co-opted Executive Members, Group Administrators and Group Advisers